• SP Rewards Card is FREE for life. 
  • Enjoy Buy 10 Free 1 and/or Buy 7 Free 1 without expiry count.
  • Enjoy Birthday Treat and card holder ONLY promotions. 
  • SP Rewards Card is also a charge card.
  • Multistores enabled.
  • Stay updated for events and promotion with SMS notification (FREE). 

Buy 10 FREE 1

  1. ​Except ice cream, cakes and pastries, all items from following categories: All Day Comfort Food Menu, Ristretto Based, Blended, Tea, Chocolate and retail items (beans and other merchandises displayed on rack) are eligible for the Buy 10 FREE 1 rewards. 
  2. Reward Counts:
    • ​​1 drink = 1 count
    • 1 food = 1 count
    • 1 pack of bean = 1.5 count
    • 1 merchandise = 1.5 count
  3. Upon acumulated 10 counts, 1 FREE beverage of choice will be rewarded.  

SP Rewards Program

Disclaimer​: SP Rewards Program is a token of appreciation of St Presso Coffee towards the loyal patrons and the terms of use is in St Presso's sole discretion.  Below terms and conditions of use may be changed from time to time, please ensure you stay updated by visit this page frequently. 

Credit Balance, Load and Reload

  1. SP Rewards Card can be used as charge card. To start enjoy a hassle free check out process, simply load RM 20 to activate this feature. The FULL amount can be used immediately. 
  2. Reload ANY amount between RM 10 - RM 500 with cash or credit card. 
  3. It is OK to split payment using the credit balance in the SPR card with either cash or credit card. 
  4. No expiry for the credit loaded. 
  5. SP Rewards Card MUST be presented to load, reload and make purchases. 
  6. Credit Balance will be always be shown in the receipt. 
  7. Buy 1 FREE 1 voucher will be rewarded upon every loading of RM 100. 
  8. Credit loaded into SP Rewards Card cannot be cash out. 
  9. In the event of lost or stolen card, the credit stored cannot be retrieved. This is due to security measure, balance credits are not transferable. 

Birthday Treat 

  1. 20% OFF from total billing amount (before GST).
  2. Claimable upon presenting SP Reward Card at the cashier before ordering. 
  3. Valids DURING and 6 days AFTER the birthday (total 7 days). 

Buy 1 FREE 1 Voucher

  1. Buy any 1 cup of hot Ristretto Based beverages and get another cup FREE. 
  2. The price of the FREE cup cannot be higher than the paid's.
  3. Voucher MUST be surrendered before ordering. 
  4. Voucher expires TWO weeks after the issuing date. 
  5. Cannot be cash out and 1 voucher per receipt only. 

    amount of RM 20 can be used immediately. No hidden charges applied. 
3. SP Rewards Card along with the stored credits and reward counts has NO expiry date. 
4. Always present the card before ordering. Transaction done cannot be reversed. 
5. Reward counts and balance credits will ALWAYS be printed on the receipt. These informations cannot                       be checked online.
6. St. Presso has the final right to revoke the SP Rewards Card if it is believed to be misused.


  1. SP Rewards Program is only available in participated stores. Please confirm with cashier before ordering.
  2. SP Rewards Card is FREE. Simply load RM 20 to activate and the FULL